What do you normally consider priceless? Worth your serious time and resources?

Effective relationships? 
Satisfying work or other contribution?
Physical health and fitness?
Inner peace (spiritual and emotional)?

Which of these are calling for your extra attention now?

            Welcome to Amazing Grace Counseling Service! Our mission is whole-person wellness. Because people are all made mental, spiritualsocialphysical, and emotional -- mind, spirit, relationships, body, feelings.

         There may be concerns also about the worlds of work, learning, recreation, the artistic, ethical, and/or material-financial. We join you in finding wholeness in any of these life areas, directly or with other resources.

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         Amazing Grace Counseling Service was founded in 1999 to offer hope and healing for new beginnings, a place to learn how to get well and stay well. With new patterns, you can regain stability and purpose, find success with changes or stresses, with life transitions, and in relationships

        Featuring:   Services to couples, individual adults, and worksite/other relationships [no child or adolescent counseling currently], for:  

Relationship-building skills; marital healing/renewal, intimacy and autonomy. 

                * Divorce recovery; codependence issues, boundaries; personal confidence.      

          * Freedom from compulsive behaviors (non-chemical, including sexual). 

Depression, anxiety, loss.  * Self-care for stressed or "wounded healers" and caregivers.       

         * Career; spiritual journey; dreamwork; whole-person factors in health and fitness; life goals and decisions.

                  * Spiritual peace: experience forgiveness - a new start, mercy - relief from condemnation and judgment, and grace - unearned love and blessings.

       Orientation:  Toward multi-faceted growth, you discover your spiritually-grounded design for whole-person wellness -- mental, spiritual, social, physical, emotional.  
Engage any or all dimensions for effective change. 

        For example, what we believe (about spiritual reality, self, others, the world, life issues) affects how we think, which affects what we choose, influencing how we act, and how we feel.  In the growth process you explore the "surviving to living to thriving" spectrum, tailored to respect your preferences and feasible choices.

TherapiesSpiritually-sound inter-personal and intra-personal therapies include cognitive-behavioral, psycho-educational and "homework" methods, communication/social skills, and/or marriage skills training, 

        and life coaching, spiritual guidance, solution-focused, Rogerian, psychodynamic, insight-oriented, affective (emotional) process and support, reality therapy, others. 

        Each approach is chosen in collaboration with you, to meet your needs and priorities.

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Find hope, healing, and growth through services for . . .

- marital and pre-marital issues              stress management
              communication                                       anxiety and depression

         - conflict resolution                                  co-dependence, boundaries
             anger management                                  obsessions and compulsions
             addictive behaviors (non-chemical)       self-esteem, confidence

         - life transitions: midlife, singles,             grief, loss
              young adults, seniors                               divorce recovery 

         - career planning and development       organizational, worksite, church
             work/school stress, performance           teamwork/personality issues
- wellness and spirituality                         spiritual gifts, passions, and
             whole-person health/healing,                  personality
             fitness                                                       spiritual journey, discipleship

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  


Dr. Dale G. Campbell, D.Min., M.S.W., LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Life Coach

Over 30 years as counselor/therapist, personal and spiritual consultant,
in private practice, and various other counseling, training, management,
consultative, retreat leadership, pastoral, and guidance roles.

 Graduate degrees from leading professional schools.

 Doctor of Ministry, Master's degrees in Social Work and in Ministry 
Certificate in Spiritual Direction
Life Coach Training

Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Oregon #1810, since 1992
American Association of Christian Counselors

Professional verification provided by Psychology Today

Decades in alternative, whole-person health; distance runner.

                 *Note: Service to clients from any (or no) spiritual tradition. 

              Christian perspective and counseling resources provided on request, grounded in God's forgiving love, mercy, and amazing grace [Jn. 1:14; Eph. 2:4-8; Heb. 4:14-16].

  Always, we respectfully "start where the client is," going where you wish to go
(often suggesting useful alternatives) as a partner on the path to wholeness.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *


OREGON:  Licensed counseling/therapy, coaching, and spiritual consultation are provided IN-PERSON during part of the year, in the Tualatin/Wilsonville/Sherwood area.  Quality counseling is also available year-round for continuing and new Oregon clients, by VIDEO, and by phone [offering convenience and reduced fees].                           

SW FLORIDA:   For the Port Charlotte/North Port/Punta Gorda area, life coaching and spiritual consultation are available now IN-PERSON, based on extensive training and professional experience in those areas. Licensed counseling and therapy are coming soon, after Florida license completion. 

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Amazing Grace Counseling Service


P. O. Box 3044, Tualatin, Oregon 97062-3044
P. O. Box 380400, Murdock, Florida 33938-0400

Toll-free: 877-84-GRACE [877-844-7223]

E-mail: dgc@amazinggracecounseling.com